Were you struggling to get out of bed now that almost everywhere in the world is lock-down? The actual situation has a bright side to it. Motivate yourself to push yourself to be more active through the day and to enjoy life indoors. How:

  • Make your bed first thing in the morning.
  • Clean and meditate, or pray next. Pray for your family, the place, the land and the world.
  • Recite holy verses from the Holy Book that are relevant to the present situation, so that you feel at heart peace.
  • Look over your box of emails then. Respond to one or two, or simply go through. Keep an email address just to access information that is constructive and promotes self-help.
  • Go over content on social media. Like any eye-catching posts you’ll come across and post your own ideas to attract others to your post.
  • Breakfast on. It’s very nice to have bread and jam and a bottle of orange juice. But you can have your own preferred choices.
  • Then, make time to read. I like to read Sidney Sheldon novels and eBooks of self-help, which keep me busy for two hours or more.
  • Then, clean around a bit. Sweep the floors and mop making the surroundings immaculate accordingly.
  • Water your plants in tub or garden and enjoy the sunshine a little bit.
  • Get the laundry out.
  • Wipe out tables, chairs, dressing table, sink, cabinets, washing machine and whatever surface you may find. Either way, get rid of all the germs.
  • If you have kids, and a hubby, share breakfast with them.
  • Ask your hubby to play with your children for some time while you start cooking for them.
  • Share delicious home-made and family lunches.
  • Ask your hubby to finish cleaning the table and the dishes while you put the kids down for an afternoon snack.
  • You and your hobby should watch an adult film while your kids are asleep.
  • Start cooking snacks in the late afternoon such as French toast, popcorn, potato chips etc. that your kids want after they wake up.
  • Read the books of children’s stories to them, and play making paper and clay handicrafts.
  • Sit down with the lessons from their school and do some home schooling.
  • Let them draw and color on paper sheets, and get them busy while working from home with you and your hubby.
  • Prepare dinner from your hubby with a helping hand, then sit down together to enjoy the dishes. Clean the dishes and ask you’re hobby to read your children’s bedtime stories, gradually letting them fall asleep.
  • And in your own way this was a pleasant day, remaining indoors. Once you go to bed, take some time for self-care.

To sum up, the above tips demonstrate how you can inspire yourself to be more involved and efficient during the day, rather than lying idly in bed, taking no responsibility at all.

You also have to be an example to your family, your neighborhood and the community, so that we can untidily overcome the current deadly situation.

However, do you often lose your cool? What is it that makes you so? Try to get a list up and we’ll solve them together. How:

  1. A neighbor forwarded a cheap message.
  2. A colleague from the job has made a stinging joke behind the back.
  3. Your hubby was arguing with you, and mocking you.
  4. The Landlady was most uncooperative with you on paying a little late for the rent.
  5. Your child was pursued by a bully all over the school compound and was hurtled.

Want to reverse the five cases above? Could it be? Definitely;

  • Ignore your neighbor and concentrate on conversing with your child and conversing happily and playfully. Keep up your self-esteem. You should lose it, under no condition. Look strong yet ignore the lunatic woman.
  • Ignore the stingy woman at work at your back but stay informed of everything she does. Build up confidence and remain together with other cute colleagues. Gradually the stinging woman is crippled free.
  • How do you want from your hobby? Do you refuse him anything? What was he complaining and threatening for? What could be the reason? Tell yourself, and look from his perspective. Will he see anything else or need more from you? Does he get overwhelmed by the household chores? Try getting help and acting accordingly.
  • There is a lot of money generating services online nowadays. Take somebody’s help to show you how to work on these and make a steady income so you’ll never have to pay the rent late. Your Landlady will be impressed, and will no longer cause trouble.
  • Train your child to be strong, vigorous and courageous. He should not lose in front of bullies while holding intact his strength and self-control. Teach him to subdue bullies so they walk away in fear. There’s always a way in there. You might buy a book on how to handle bullies from school and offer some useful tips to your kids. That should have worked out.

Each problem gets a solution. The choice now isn’t to lose the strength and break down. We ought to be emotionally mature. Then, you can rationally, logically and sensibly think and figure out everything. You need to be based on the solutions. The more you try out the constructive and workable ideas, the less you’ll lose your coolness and publicly reveal your emotions. You are rising above your challenges and you won’t need to be emotionally immature in a second.


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