Like to give or to receive is the quintessence of creation. Existence can be reduced to conflict only if you don’t like it or get liked; such a case is, of course, uncommon in most of the lives that have been lived on this pretty planet. At the very beginning, or when you are born, it remains uncertain whether you like to be born or conceived in the womb before; the situation becomes more turbid because most babies cry after they are born, and it is considered a positive sign.

Therefore, we will omit the very beginning of our life when, in any case, we don’t know why that ‘me’ gets into a particular womb through some particular external source in the midst of billions and gets born into a particular family in a particular place on our nice planet, concentrating primarily on the ‘likes’ that are continually created in our conscious life and why we always like to be loved.

We begin to love our parents, particularly mom, our food, our family, our friends, our teachers, our gender-specific institutions, our bosses, various objects ranging from gadgets to books to schools to jobs and so on, and like to emanate from all these sources for us; because our likes always generate a positive ‘feel-good’ factor that keeps us kicking alive.

Therefore, we should focus on why we like it extremely well in this potentially ‘like-able’ piece of writing when we get liked by other humans or animals or pets. We will be completely safe from any kind of ‘dislike’ factors lurking in any ‘like’ corner; that is to say; we do not like being disliked at that.

We feel energetic at a very young age when mom smiles at us sweetly and encourages us to take the first steps in life, and we burst into constant giggles that make the art of walking all the easier. When a father likes our handwritten alphabets we feel so happy that we begin to make more effort to produce more beautiful letters. When we don’t make bones about food and start taking healthy mouthfuls, our mom looks heavenly and it makes us so happy that we make a vow to make her happy always. When our classroom teacher smiles at our homework and utters his / her likes this very act makes us students even more striving. When our friends like our birthday gifts we take on better friends. On the playground as some of us show our unique expertise or intelligence our team building spirit gets a fillip.

In the various other more mature stages of life the voluminous story of ‘getting liked’ becomes more elaborate, productive and infectious, a bit too much for this writer’s comfort, and therefore, we will mention only a few significant situations. Examiner likes your answers, teacher announces, amid heavy tension, the marks obtained, and if you get the highest or very good marks you get enthralled and grateful; if you happen to exchange looks with members of the opposite gender, and those looks convert into smiles or talks you get an adrenaline charge, and teasing from your friends makes it all the more enjoyable, of course, sometimes a ‘like’ becomes ‘love’ which is, Nevertheless, not included in this presentation; a faceless examiner somewhere gives you good marks for your answer paper for a job, you get an interview call, interviewees like your personality and you get a job, and this makes you the happiest person in life; you are assumed to be immensely like your spouse and if the spouse gives back that ‘like’ or ‘love’ you find your life worth living; There could be many other situations through a delightful web of likes when your creative contributions get liked and you become famous. Then, of course, there are the festivals, parties, get-together, family re-unions and the like where the generated likes are immense and deliciously infectious.

If we remove the social media of today’s modern world from our purview, this ‘probably like-able’ piece will remain incomplete. Well, there’s a cut-throat competition in social media to generate and devour ‘likes.’ If your post gets less than double-digit, you will not necessarily be unhappy, but try better posts; more than ten likes will make you considerably happy, and if you reach a hundred likes, you will be paid and ‘viral’ will be the last term for your limitless like-generated happiness. There are, however, other unwritten guidelines for doing well in social media-that you will have to be hyperactive on an ongoing basis, and you’re going to have a lot to produce loves for you like others. And a dictum about social media emerges-like and gets loved.

Therefore, we will concentrate on why we like it tremendously well in this probably ‘like-able’ piece of writing when we get liked by other humans or animals or pets. We will be completely safe from any kind of ‘dislike’ factors lurking in any ‘like’ corner; that is to say; we do not like being disliked at that.

We’ve clearly seen how a similar makes us happy at every stage of our lives, and it’s the best thing God has given us. We haven’t mentioned the word ‘appreciation’ which is also the best possible expression of positively, because in most situations appreciation normally follows a similar. So we can look forward to having a species of ‘like-minded’ humans on this suffering planet earth that can only be a good development.


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