This is a strange world in which we now live as the economy has been largely closed for months, millions of people have lost their jobs with others working from home, healthcare workers are working diligently to save patients suffering from the dreaded coronavirus, and employees at grocery stores are working hard to keep the country healthy during this crisis. Nobody would ever have thought the world could come to this.

There have been many changes that have come about in daily life during this extraordinary period of a global pandemic. Companies and schools closed. People are unable to get facilities they had previously deemed necessary such as fitness spas, beauty salons, dining-out restaurants and all sporting and recreational social events.

So many people are hurting financially these days, and need support. Many that have suddenly lost their work or earned income without sufficient savings are financially in dire straits. We receive government assistance through unemployment benefits and free meals. Around the world, food banks are providing huge amounts of food to those in need. The schools kids who would have been having lunch at schools which are now closed are given free meals. Senior citizens receive food from senior centers. Citizens seek to help by making donations to food banks. The need is still great.

Some manufacturers have altered the outcome of their products by making personal protective equipment for hospital workers. In the house, people make masks to be given to those who need them. We donate money to help others in need. Millionaires and millionaires contribute money to their foundations and businesses. There are many great and small ways in which everyone can help, even if it is through kindness and understanding alone. During this difficult time showing compassion and empathy would help everyone.

The current situation of a pandemic has been compared with the unjust incarceration of Japanese Americans and immigrants of Japanese heritage in the United States during World War II. That group of people were stripped of their freedom and incarcerated in camps which have become known as American concentration camps which were hastily constructed in remote and desolate areas of the country. For the duration of the war most of those imprisoned were held as prisoners.

Many innocent people (mostly U.S. citizens) were not covered as they should have been by the Constitution. They were simply being persecuted for their heritage. They have been singled out with biases by the government and racist people for mistreatment. Quick nobody came to their assistance or helped them except the Quakers and very few others in particular. This pandemic isn’t the same although the incarceration and trials inflicted on that group of innocent people of a particular ethnicity are somewhat similar.

And, somehow, people are trying to help one another. That too is going to pass and things are going to return to some form of normalcy. With everyone helping in small ways or in big ways, and caring for others, it’s getting better.

This pandemic is a very clear warning from the Almighty because we have been ignoring the symptoms for far too long. Anything like this does work:

  • Behold what you do for Mother Earth. All of these pollutants are killing your house, your world, your atmosphere.
  • Look at what you’re doing to your relationships with the people who care most. Your kids feel alone, desperate for your love, but you’re too busy working to spend quality time with them. Slow down. Listen to their needs. Spend a couple of hours playing games, watching a good family movie together, talking face-to – face instead of using a computer, learning together.
  • Look how the elders are being handled. Your parents, grandparents, grandparents have done so much for you. They’re being overlooked at a time in their life when they should be looked after with love and reverence.
  • Look at your leaders around the world. Who are the ones who navigate this pandemic well, the ones who put their citizens’ safety and well-being before their own political interests and profits, the ones who save lives successfully? Can’t you see what they all have in common? What the world now needs is to be fed up. She wants a matriarchal culture to be tender in direction.
  • Look at the number of women, girls, people of color and LGBTQ+ suffering from violence and oppression as some world leaders are seeking to strip away the rights and freedoms that have been so hard fought for. What gives any person the right to judge another? What gives any person the right to treat others unfairly because they are not the same?
  • Look at the number of homeless people, the number of hungry people, the number of people living in poverty, while the rich ones are hoarding their money.

A global pandemic may sound daunting, but it has gotten your attention. Listen to what it tells you and, for goodness’ sake, do not keep making the same mistakes after it’s all over. Make the changes needed for the human race to survive. You are citizens from around the world. One person, a race come and join in. Don’t forget what is really important. Love yourself, your loved ones, your fellow human beings and your world. Breastfeed each other, avoid pointing your fingers, and accusing, and do the right things. Hear thy intuition, thy soul. You know what’s true.

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