In this Year in which so many promises are made and then broken we would be wise to remember what our lives have been like over the last decade.

To some it brought wealth and good health each year that followed but for millions the planet remains in desolation hoping things will be better next year. Yet, never will them.

The dawn of a new decade is imminent. Many would like to think that 2020 and beyond will add a sense of happiness to their daily lives. And the planet has just continued their misery and suffering for millions over the past 10 years. The powers that have only enshrined a strong hold on influence reigns, it’s no more apparent in the USA than right now.

From the Obama years to Trump’s first four years, so many Americans’ daily lives have just continued to languish desperately waiting for a time when things will improve.

When we had chances to raise progress for the betterment of everyone we struggled. Recall a few years ago the “Occupy Wall Street”, this is only one case where government should have made the improvements to help the people. Yet, sad to say we haven’t capitalized on the day’s urgency.

And, like practically everything else that began just too where and die with good intentions, because we couldn’t galvanize the mass support that was and is needed to effect the changes we so desperately need.

And Because of what is happening in the world right now, it has meant that a lot of people have paid more attention to mainstream media than usual. Furthermore, there are those who have started to pay attention to this source once more after so long avoiding it.

This will be a good thing as far as that source is concerned. More and more people have turned their back on this information source for many years, so that’s going to be a much-needed boost.

  • Two Peaks

However, this is not to say that every mainstream news source has benefited from what is going on. No, as there were a number of media branches which had to shut down recently.

In many cases this has been related to branches that focused on issues that the main branch would not typically have covered. The main source will still be in operation but it will have had to downsize the company behind it to survive.

  • The Strong Rationale

When it comes to why this source got more views than usual, it could be said this is mainly due to fear. By feeling fearful and getting the need to learn what’s going on in the world, somebody’s going to look to this source to keep them informed.

Bearing in mind that what is going on is radically different from what has been going on for a very long time, it’s to be assumed that this would be the average person. It could rely on a number of different factors as to how often they tune in to this channel.

  • In The Know

As far as they are concerned, behaving in this way could be seen as the only way for them to stay up to date with what is going in the world. Through reading so many articles and/or watching so many news broadcasts, they could believe that they have a good understanding of what is going on.

Furthermore, they could wear a mask whenever they go out and use the right hand gel to clean their hands with too. In this regard, one will be doing the right thing by watching the news and living in the right way by taking the recommended precautions.

  • Business as Usual

Naturally, being aware of what is going on is important, but can the mainstream media really be trusted to inform people? Someone doesn’t need to be much of a critical thinker to see that this source of information’s main priority is to define how people see the world and to keep them in state of fear.

Therefore, while the point of focus might be different right now, it is yet another thing for people to fear. The contagion might not have anything to do with terrorism but people are still being terrorized.

  • An Important Point

With that aside, what needs to be taken into consideration is that one is not merely an observer of reality. Their thoughts, emotions and feelings, along with their beliefs, have an impact on their life.

Also, what is taking place internally has an impact on their body and mind. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, has talked about the effect that fear has on the mind and body.

  • Conclusion

To constantly consume the mass media, and to feel a lot of anxiety in the process, would be close to consuming something that has poison inside. It may sound like this is the best thing to do, but it’s going to be something that’s going to undermine them.

We need to note that 2020 is the year in which we will really carry the improvements we need. A few elected officials are already sticking to the principles of our political process. Two of which are Presidential candidates at the moment. We have now galvanized tremendous public support to bring about the changes that are so badly needed to improve the lives of millions of Americans.

It is not to suggest that this news outlet should be turned back on, but it would be beneficial for them to be aware of the effect it has on their well-being. How they should do is even get interested in activities that will improve their immune system.

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