Like it or not, the life that matters is behind every animal’s eyes. A human being has a consciousness, a heart beating, and emotions. They are all unique, they want to live and experience pain just like you and I. However, most people do not see animals as entities or treat them with the dignity they deserve.

Where is our morality, then? Why don’t so many people want to wake up to the reality? What causes us to kill ourselves? How can we fix that problem before it’s too late?

As human beings, you and I have a responsibility to protect the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Every animal deserves liberty, respect, integrity, compassion, empathy, treatment and life. Believe it or not, the way you eat has a profound impact on your health, the atmosphere and the living creatures on this planet.

Our lifestyle is mainly responsible for the wave of diseases that prevail. And the interesting thing is that human reliance on animal nutrition is the main driving force that causes illnesses. Even behind the eyes of any animal is a life that you cannot stop yourself. Am I Okay?

  • The excessive consumption of animals

Meat was considered a luxury in the preceding centuries and the average citizen never got it. Then, with the passage of time, people included it once a week in a meal, sometimes on Sundays. But most people today can afford it which doesn’t help in a way. They eat more and more meat, in spite of all the warnings.

And in the life of today, it is a natural part of the diet of most people, since it has become a tradition. Yet, it is connected to heart disease. And I’m not going to talk about the dairy products. Excessive animal-based protein or refined food intake affects the body and diminishes the blood supply.

As a fact this is proved by years of scientific studies and conclusive evidence. On the other hand, plant-based diets can not only prevent heart disease or cancer development but can also reverse its effects. You can use plant foods as a remedy or medication no matter your age to prevent a lot of problems later in life.

  • Behind the eyes of any animal

Clearly there is a heart behind every animal’s eyes. Yet when an animal is murdered by a person it is often called a sport. But this is called ferocity when an animal wants to kill a person. Yet humans are the cruelest species when it really comes down to it. We don’t contradict ourselves, then?

If you want to live a long and happy life and have something to contribute to this world, then you must act. You are just going through this universe just once. And if you can do something positive or show any kind of compassion towards any living creature, do it. Don’t neglect that, because you’re not going to pass that way again.

So, look deep into the eyes of every species, and then for a moment, the places of exchange. Suddenly you see their life is as precious as yours and as fragile as they are. Now, know that all animals deserve your love and protection, because in a way, they are you and they are you.

If you want to live a long and happy life and have to contribute something to this world, then you have to act. Just once, you just go through this universe. So if you can do a good thing or display some sort of kindness for any living being, do it. Don’t forget it, because you won’t be going it way again.

So, look deep into each species’ eyes, and then, for a moment, at the places of exchange. Suddenly you see their life is as precious as yours and as fragile as they are. Now, know that all animals deserve your love and protection, for they are you and they are you in a way.

  • Animals Are Innocent

The eyes of an animal have the ability to speak a beautiful language when you take the time to look into it. Note that the real test of character is compassion for other innocent human beings too. Animals have the same right to be here on this planet as we have since they were created along with us.

And who did say they were ours to do with as we please? You may be a meat-eater; but I don’t judge you, I only seek to show you the truth. No, don’t ridicule vegan people because they’re all people with the insane idea that no animal will suffer.

Humanity, however, will no longer stand by and watch our precious animals being manipulated and abused in so many respects. Look in the eyes of an animal, and make a stand, big or small, personal or public. Make that before it’s too late. Know that being compassionate to these gentle souls takes nothing away.

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