I know of a mother who used telepathic communication with her twin boys consciously since they were in her womb. After they were raised, she continued this, and both her boys continue to be telepathic to each other, to her, and to the animal companions of family.

And, even though parents have not concentrated on telepathic communication with their children, many young children who have family animals can communicate very naturally telepathically to the animals. This has been the case for me. When I was a child, we had lots of cats and dogs so I just interacted with them naturally.

As we grow up, we can avoid using our telepathic abilities because we are mocked by older children or adults for thinking about our intuitive knowledge and actual animal conversations. That causes most people to shut down and stop using animal telepathy in a conscious manner.

For example, if you told your parents what an animal had told you, they’d say, “It’s just your imagination.” That’s encouraging you to start using your “imagination” and keep talking to the animals into your adult life. And part of you wad thinking, “I’m just imagining it,” but another part of you kept having the conversations because it came naturally to you to do it and it was fun! When you were talking it felt very true but mostly you didn’t share it with anyone else.

If you want to practice telepathic contact with animals, the Animal Communicator Professionals offer several seminars and telecasts. You will be “remembering” how to use your natural skills by attending these lessons. Taking a class to get you started is good, though some people are reminded of their natural ability when one of the members of their own animal family begins talking to them.

Here is some of favorite stuff about telepathic contact with animals:

  1. Communicating with animals shows you that you have an open heart.

Getting an open heart makes telepathic communication simpler. The more open-hearten you are, the more you live out of your own inner reality and the Divine Spirit.

As for most humans, many animals aren’t always open-hearten because of the pressures they might have experienced throughout their lives.

When you speak to animals telepathically, you can help them restore to greater harmony, compassion, and openness their minds.

  1. Animals are excellent teachers.

And when you don’t think your animals teach you, they’re teaching you different ways to be, just by being with you.

Some teach you how to meditate or how to be calm, or how to trust.

Many dogs are great at teaching us how to joyfully and happily join the spaces.

Many cats are excellent mediators.

Birds can teach us the joy of free flying-letting go of our limitations, so that we can really soar.

Some horses tell me they get that same experience of flying when they run free.

  1. Animals usually love us unconditionally and we can sense their affection for their families when we interact with them.

Whether you talk to an animal in spirit, an animal preparing to leave her body or a youngster creating havoc in somebody’s home, their love is very powerful.

Over the years, you had your face telepathically washed with big wet doggy tongue-greetings, telepathically tickled with feline whisker-kisses, and the enthusiastic horses telepathically head-butt. Telepathically, birds sometimes perch on your ear, or on your arm or leg.

No matter what kind of animal I’m talking to, the love can be very intense and each animal will be beautifully articulated in its own unique way.

  1. Animals allow us to expand our viewpoints by giving their own, which may be very informative and enlightening.

If you remember the cat telling his human that the heart condition of her husband wasn’t just physical, but that it came from not allowing himself in love.

The cat gave clear orders to buy a card with an angel on it and the cat offered the wife and son a well-phrased love message to write in the letter. The video was so beautiful it brought tears to my and the woman’s eyes.

  1. Livestock are very forgiving.

What people they were doing and or not doing with their animals until the animal left their bodies.

When you ask the animal about it, they are constantly compassionate, kind, gentle, tolerant, caring about their human and even loving them. What a blessing they loving you more than we love ourselves, sometimes.

  1. Animals are great to reflect our problems back to us, so that we can grow and change.

You got mad about Melissa one day. When driving the car, I’ve been ranting to ourselves about all the things she’d done that we consider ridiculous.

Then you had the sudden and surprising realization that all the problems Melissa had to contend with were an exact fit for our own-some from when we was a kid or teenager-some that still needed to be resolved.

That perspective helped as shift from judgment to genuine love for Melissa as well as us. What a brilliant learning experience.

  1. Animals, much like humans, are a product of the Creator.

Finally, we are all One Consciousness and animals always show us the way to the magnificent, blessed Unity of Being which is our ultimate aim as we return to the higher realms of Unconditional, Divine Love and Pure Divine Light.

Speak to your animals all the time, telepathically. This enriches your life every single day.

Telepathic communication with animals has been and continues to be a great blessing and we privileged to be able to help others also communicate with their animals.

So the answer is, YES, anyone who wants to learn Animal Communication will rekindle the skill already granted to God.

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